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Nowadays, customers are very product-savvy. For many years, STOP Spices literally pulled out all the stops to provide sustainable products that respect both humankind and nature. Today, we take another step forward with the introduction of Bio-herbs in a wide choice of pure herbs, spices, blends, seasonings and oil marinades. You can now also order our Bio-herbs in bulk as of 25 kg. Take advantage of our unique total concept, and we’ll assist you with developing your own private label or tailor-made creations.

Your sustainability Partner


STOP Spices Bio-herbs are stored and processed separately to make sure the organic raw materials keep their purity. Our personnel are specifically trained to achieve this, and all guidelines are minutely adhered to. As a result, we officially obtained bio certification: your guarantee for a high-quality product, that meets organic legislation.


Furthermore, we make extra efforts to increase product sustainability. For instance, our production and storage locations are fitted with LED lights – allowing a 35% reduction in electricity consumption – and we ensure that the Malawian producers get a fair price for the crops they grow with such great care and passion. We also make a conscious effort to limit packaging to a minimum. Rest assured, you can confidently order our herbs with peace of mind.

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Our bio-range


Pure herbs and spices with an Organic Certificate.

Bio-blends and –marinades are always created according to your taste and ideas.

Would you like to know more about our bio-herbs? We’d love to tell you all about them.