Nature gives us spices to work with. Sustainability is therefore paramount for STOP Spices. Discover how we contribute to a more sustainable production and transport process, and how we resolutely decided to work with partners that share our objectives and vision.
Small Holders

Respect for our Planet


There’s only one Planet Earth, which is a very good reason to treasure it. We contribute to this effort in three ways:

  1. Optimisation of energy consumption throughout the company
  2. Reduction of packing materials, both in weight and volume
  3. CO2 emission reduction, by optimising deliveries to the retail trade

Respect for People


People are very dear to us. To show our solidarity we went into partnership in 2018 with Exchange and Satemwa,  “Tea for three”. We provided them our expertise with our personally developed certification and implementation quality system. As such we give people from the South the opportunity to the progress they are entitled to.
For many years, we have shown our solidarity with the community through our involvement in the local activities of Vredeseilanden.


Respect for Raw Materials


We consciously choose for producers with a strong environmentally friendly record. They are an excellent supplement in our pursuit to drastically reduce packaging material and have a positive effect on local communities and ecosystems.