Thermally Treated Spices

Thermal Treatment of herbs and spices is based on the principle of LTLT (Low Temperature Long Time) in a closed system at low pressure. This process uses low heat for a longer time to kill bacteria.

Temperature and duration of treatment vary depending on the origin of the product (tropical or moderate climate) and the target organism. The closed system with low pressure prevents evaporation and loss of flavour. With normal use, re-contamination in the original package is practically impossible.

TTS products

We can distinguish 4 product groups:

  • spices
  • herbs
  • dried vegetables
  • herb and seasoning blends, with salt

We treat both ground and whole herbs and spices.

TTS effects

  • The TTS treatment significantly lowers the germinating capacity of the product. The treatment developed by Stop Spices results in TTS products of outstanding and constant quality and offers the possibilities to treat mixed herbs in batches. Which makes TTS process stand out from other processes.